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Some sights you will see before reaching RaSa Villa.
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Govinda resort, Go Kart

Sheetal Dhaba

                                                                              Maval Darbar
                                                                               Treasure Island

                                                                               Petrol pump
                                                                        Harmony Villas
                                                                                  Jain Temple
                                                                             Jain Bungalows, Jain Colony

Tejas Dhaba
                                                                             RaSavilla, White Roof

                                                                         Maganlal Chikki near Rasavilla

Ekvira Temple is visited by thousands of devotees the fisher folk(Koli) outside the main chaitya of Karla caves. The tribal Goddess Aai Ekvira is the main deity here. The Koli tribes visit the temple during navarathri and chaitra. they offer sacrifice of goat or chickens and  believe the Goddess has magic powers. Karla is a town in Lonavala on the NH4.
Karla Caves are 1st century BC Buddhist temple complex or chaityas cut out of stone. At 40 m (130 ft) long and 15 m (49 ft) in height, it is the largest chaitya in India. The aisle of the temple is flanked by 37 pillars that are topped with kneeling elephants.
The outside facade is in bad repair due to stone breakage as well as the erosion of intricate details carved to imitate finished wood. The central motif is a large horseshoe arch. There is a lion column in front, with a closed stone facade and almost ruined torana in between. On one side there is a temple of Shree Ekvira devi.