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Lonavala Rental: Best Options near mumbai and Pune the top most option for vacationers who want to spend some quality time in the best pool bungalow of Lonavala! Rasavilla!

Rental in lonavala are in luxurious Villas and houses, fully furnished flats and studio apartments.  Lonavala Rental can be self-catering, centrally or conveniently located and much more reasonably priced then conventional resorts and hotels. Prices of Resorts/Hotels and their limited availability make Lonavala Rentals an attractive option for a long or short term holiday in Lonavala.
Many visitors, addicted to Lonavala, have bought a home in Lonavala so it remains available to them whenever they wish to visit. As a result there are many well furnished, Villas, Apartments and Studios that are used only for a few weeks in a year as holiday homes by owners. Some owners of properties in Lonavala rent their homes on weekly or daily basis. This is a cost effective stay option to visitors.

Lonavala rentals help both owners as well as vacationers.
Lonavala Rental – Cost Effective 
• Lonavala villas or bungalows on rent are cheaper than the cost of staying at a hotel/resort. Reasonably priced rent options allow visitors the freedom to extend their stay, visit again and again, plan for long holidays and come in large groups.
• Lonavala bungalows have a feel of a home away from home. Small apartments are more spacious than a hotel room and cheaper!
• Some Lonavala rentals are beautiful with private pools. 

Lonavala has food ranging from simple authentic local food, top five star restaurant food, home-cooked meal, a takeaway, an inexpensive meal at a shack or an expensive spread at some fancy restaurant!
• Lonavala is yet to be explored & experience the "real" Lonavala & go off the beaten tourist track.
• In Lonavala rent a villa option provides not only great value for money but offers the freedom of a tailor-made vacation designed just as you would like it to be.
Lonavala Rental - Boom for Property Owners
• Source of income from the Lonavala rent option.
• Lonavala rentals keep the property "lived-in"
• A Lonavala rental pays for maintenance and upkeep of the property.
• Demand for a Lonavala rental adds to the basic value of the property.
Besides its natural beauty, Lonavala has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Lonavala offers the visitor a host of activities like Karla Caves, Ekviradevi temple, Bhushi Dam, Valvan Dam, Kaivalyadhama Yoga Hospital, Duke’s Nose, Ryewood Park, Tiger’s Leap If you are planning for a long term vacation in Lonavala it is best to invest in a Lonavala Rental home. Staying in a Lonavala resort for a long period would be just too expensive. Transportation is easy, with Lonavala TukTuk i.e. Auto Ricksha facilities available everywhere, only for 10 rupees to bus stop, station and Lonavala market. Local guides can not only show you some of the most spectacular and less known areas of Lonavala, but also introduce you to some authentic Lonavalan food(Misal ,Usal and wada pav) and delicacies.
Lonavala rentals are mostly located in the center of the city for ease of transportation,
So on your next vacation to Lonavala – consider the option of a Lonavala rasavilla. You can select from a wide range of Villas, Apartment and Studios which property owners in Lonavala rent out to visitors all year round.

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