Rasavilla tariff

Contact 91 9920482316   9967812233  
FOR STAY ONLY                                 
20500/- for Saturday Check in 12 noon to checkout Sunday 11:30 AM.
12500/- Weekdays stay for 1 Night and 2 days.

No Meals Included
Free use of Swimming Pool.
Extra person: (More than 20) Rs. 500/- per head
Gas cylinder and Cook top Rs 700/- extra per day.
Note  Check in 12.00 noon Check out 11.00 AM Rs 1000/- extra per hour after checkout time.





1.      How Many sq ft?
Ground  structure 3621 sqft. 12000 sq ft play ground

2.      Is it fully Airconditioned?
All 4 rooms are  Airconditioned

3.      Is there a Hall?
Big hall can also be used as a bedroom. It has an attached bathroom

4.      How many beds are there?
6 single beds and 28 extra mattress bed sets

5.      Is the kitchen fully equipped?
Kitchen has Microwave & utensils. Gas Cylinder and cook tops cost is Rupees 500/- per day extra

6.      Is the pool clean and big?
Yes. No harmful chemicals added.

7.      How many washrooms altogether?
Rasavilla has 7 washroom of which 4 are attached with each room and 3 outside, 24hrs hot water.

8.      Do you have swings and hammocks?

9.      Do you have a refrigerator?

10.  Do you have TV and satellite Dish with all Cricket, Special and children’s channels?

11.  Is there load shedding?
Rarely! Inverter facility for uninterrupted power supply only for basic electric and electronic needs(only  for small lights inside the rooms, music system and 1 outside fan)

12.  Do you have Music system?
Yes! Bring your iPod, laptop, mobile phone etc. via headphones. (No CD’s)

13.  Is there a play ground?
Yes! 12,000 sq ft play area for cricket, badminton, barbecue and outdoor activities.

14.  Is it wheel chair friendly?

15.  Do you provide towels?

16.  Do you provide blankets, bed sheets, pillows with covers and mattress?

17.  Where is it located?
The villa is on main Highway NH4 Near Treasure Island Lonavala.

18.  How far from Kumar resort & Kailash Parbat?
5 minutes’ drive from Kumar resort & Kailash Parbat and  Lonavala Bus Stand, 7 minutes from Lonavala Station.

19.  How many people can stay overnight?
Accommodation for 35 guests. Extra charge apply after 25 persons.

20.  How many can party without stay?
100 and more guests can party.(costs will differ)

21.  Does it have a boundary wall?
Yes! The villa has a high security gate and a compound wall.

22.  Is it cleaned daily?
The property is cleaned daily and maintained to the highest standards.

23.  How does it look?
Exquisite and beautiful, deluxe villa is furnished.

24.  Are these actual photos?
Yes these are actual photos

25.  Do we have to climb up and down in the bungalow?
No! It is ground story villa

26.  Does each room open to outside?
Each room has a separate entrance and also entrance to the hall.

27.  How is the condition of the villa?
Brand new condition, great condition

28.  Is there any transport available near the villa?
Yes! Seven Seater Auto Rickshaw transport service (Rs 10/- Per head to/from Lonavala Bus Stand outside the villa gate.

29.  Is it for Jain community. Is Jain food available?
Yes! It is for Jain community. Jain food is available. (at request and extra cost) Marwari Jain and Gujrati Jain Maharaj available.

30.  What is the currency to be paid.

31.  How do I confirm a booking?
We require a 50% deposit to confirm a booking. The balance due 1 week prior to arrival.

32.  Are the check in and checkout times fixed?
Yes,  flexible with extra cost of 1000 per hour.

33.  Will the care taker be there through out the day?
No. They come and clean every day in the morning.
They may cook and stay if you request with extra cost

34.  Is there arrangement for food or restaurant?
Food can be arranged in 5 ways
1. Care Takers can cook for you at an extra cost.
2. Bring all the necessary groceries and you can cook yourself. Gas and cook tops extra cost.
4. There are many dhabba's near the villa. Kinara Village Dhabba, Shanni, Sheetal, Maval, Sunny, Tejas.
5. For Jain food Jain Maharaj is available. You can book a unlimited thali at Narayani Dham Temple for Rs 100.

35.  How deep is the pool, is it a private pool?
4 feet deep all over. The pool is totally private and meant only for you alone.

36.  Is it a private villa, is it in a society of villas?
Totally private. Standalone villa. Not inside any society.

Please call if you have further questions.


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